Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Feb 29 - Minneapolis Plunge 12-HFC Highland Friendship Club $2,000 $2,330.10

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Tanya Hagen’s Donations

$10.00 Maren, Julie, Tim & Carina
Way to go!
$100.00 Mom, Dad, and Lois
You're our favorite crab!
$15.00 Anonymous
$15.00 Anonymous
$30.00 Lovella and Jerry
"Go For The Cold" Brrrrrrrr
$102.50 Dee and Russ
Hope you have an above freezing day! If not, a polar bear costume would be a good idea!
$15.00 Allison Hagen
You're like a Disney movie--Brave, Incredible, and FROZEN!
$25.10 Jenny Smith
Good lucky my sweet neighbor!!!
$50.00 Maggie Schumacher
Be cool!
$15.00 Denise H
$45.00 Prior Lake Fitness
Squats will keep you warm!
$30.00 Denise Hovick
$30.10 Barry V.
Got this contact info through a peer at work. Thanks to Denise Hovick for sending this out.
$20.00 Jackie Schmidt
$10.00 Jaimie Bennett
Good Luck Tanya!
$125.00 Helen & the Websters
Good luck, Tanya. We're so impressed!!
$100.00 Lauren & John
YOU GO GIRL!!!! SHAWA 4 life!! Love you!
$30.00 The Franklins of SLP
Here is to another year. Have a great plunge!
$100.10 Jane & John Sherman
Good luck, Tanya with the Polar Plunge! I am sure your Grandpa Jim will be cheering you on in spirit!
$60.10 Anonymous
Donation in memory of Tanya's Grandfather Jim Kolcinski
$50.00 Heather Harmer
In memory of your grandparents
$40.10 Corey Hagen
Love you tanya!
$50.00 Kevin & Karen
Good Luck Tanya! You are much braver than I am, I couldn't jump in that cold lake.
$50.10 Evonne Bue
In memory of your Grandfather
$102.35 Timothy Brown
Go Tanya, you’re awesome!!
$100.10 Steve Geolat
$15.02 Annie Hanebuth
Good luck, Tanya! I’ll be there cheering you on!
$51.16 Maeve and Liz
Way to go Tanya! Thanks for plunging!
$40.00 Steve's friends at Career Force
$20.00 Rebecca Wilson
Way to go Tanya! You're braver than me!
$25.00 Doug and Jeanne Olson
Go, Tanya!
$10.00 Ashley Skelly-Lekson
Good luck Tanya! You're going to do great! I wish I could be there to plunge alongside you, but I'll be cheering from afar!
$20.00 Molly Sadowsky
Good luck, Tanya!! You are going to be the best crab!
$30.00 Jane, Ian, Paul, Harriette and baby Jimmy
Good luck!! We hope the freezing water doesn't make you too crabby! ?
$30.10 Mira
You are a brave woman! ?
$60.00 Rodney and Marco
Hey Tanya! You are so brave to jump in that water. We will be cheering you on!
$30.00 Maurine and Angela
Get it girl!
$0.55 Anonymous
$40.00 Jenni Hollar
Way to go Tanya! You're amazing!
$20.00 Candy Harmer
Have fun and see you soon!
$50.00 Kelly and Frances Olson
In memory of your Grandma Jane
$20.74 Rebecca Syring
Great day to jump!!!
$10.00 Jane Jenewein
Go Tanya! You are more brave than I am doing the Plunge again:)!
$5.56 Nick S. and family
Happy plunging! Nick Seng and family
$100.10 Lori & Bob Aho
Good luck from Duluth!!
$25.00 Bridget Herrmann
$50.00 Rick and Becky
$50.00 Claudia & Bob Tjornhom
Have fun Tanya! This is in memory of your grandpa. He will be up there cheering you on! :)
$4.54 Dan Reed
Thank you!
$60.10 Christine, Bill, Woody, Lovie and Murray
Way to go brave Tanya! You ROCK!
$50.10 Jeff, Colleen, Scarlett and Zoey
Go Tanya! We're so proud of you!
$26.48 Andrew Slinger
Good luck and have fun.
$15.00 Rosina and Pete
Brrr! Good luck!!
$30.10 Anonymous
From all of us at VIP. Have Fun!
$85.00 from SungHeui, Niki, Karen, John, Lisa, Shawn, Jen
$20.00 Grandma
Have a great plunge, you're so brave!
$15.00 Captain Nick