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$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

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Feb 17 - Prior Lake Plunge Luminate the Lake $1,500 $7,215.91

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Shawn Criego’s Donations

$150.00 Mac
Good luck!!
$102.50 Mike and Claudia
What a great way to honor your friend!
$30.10 Jordan Kogler
Good luck!!
$100.00 Greg Hoglund
$60.10 Andrew Brandstatter
$100.00 Norm Williams
Go Shawn!
$60.00 sheryl cronin
Good luck, Shawn!
$60.00 Dawn Martin
Good for you!!
$30.00 Cindy Beavers
Good luck Shawn!
$30.00 Dave Beauchamp
Good luck.
$30.00 Kathy Gunn
$112.72 Ed Moore
I want to see the pic!
$50.10 Casey A.
$20.00 Dave Kovacovich
Go Shawn!!!!
$60.00 Lisa Ramsay
$30.00 Alice ONeill
I can't even IMAGINE how cold this is going to be, GOOD LUCK!
$50.10 Kathryn T
Go Shawn!
$50.00 Kyle
$100.00 Emily Yoshikawa
Ong I think you are crazy but very impressed!! Go Shawn!
$30.00 Laura Rettinger
You go girl!!!
$61.62 Maggie Sabatino
$30.10 Nick Churik
$20.74 Mary
Congrats on all you do for others!
$30.00 Dave Kassawara
$61.62 Kevin Hannon
You go girl!
$150.00 JohnP
$250.00 Larry Schoenecker
I am going to refer you to the Employee Assistance Program ;-)
$150.00 Linda
$30.10 Sara
Good luck!
$60.00 Jennifer Kahn
you go girl!!! brrr....send pics! love, Jen Kahn
$60.00 Elaine Shuttleworth
BRRRRR.....go Shawn!
$61.62 Krysten Baligian
Very cool! Good luck to you!
$100.10 Anonymous
Good luck Shawn!
$30.00 Michelle Lee
What a beautiful way to honor your friend. Good luck!
$30.00 Seth Bader
Incredible Shawn! Good luck!
$30.10 Ryan Finch
Go Shawn!
$100.10 Reed Wagner
$30.10 Grayson Flaim
$100.00 Joel Nierengarten
$50.00 Rob Huenecke
$30.10 Anonymous
Shawn your a Rockstar!
$100.00 Rhon Tranberg
Way to go, Shawn!!!
$70.10 Walt Ruckes
Great cause - you'll have fun!
$25.00 Sandra Beaudoin
Way to go, Shawn
$100.10 Mark Thornton
It's just a dip in the lake Shawn!
$100.00 Trey
Go Go Go!
$30.00 Shively
Way to go!!!
$40.10 Choy Chew
Brrrr......what a great cause you're plunging for!
$30.00 Kate Blakey
So great, Shawn! Hope you have a warm blanket waiting for you!
$100.00 Jennifer Taylor
Have fun plungingLove you
$30.00 Colin Moriarty
$10.10 Anonymous
$30.00 Kristin Murawski
Great cause...I volunteer but don't plunge! :)
$50.10 cindy conway kitchen
$30.00 Manfred
Way to go ShawnDenny will be proud!!!
$20.00 Chris Collis
Good luck!
$60.10 Rick B.
Stay Warm:)
$50.00 Mike Buan
$50.00 Rae Ann Good
What a wonderfully bold way to honor your friend
$100.00 Greg and Renee Stai
$20.74 K
Have a Blast!!
$30.10 Aileen
What a great way to honor your friend and contribute to a wonderful cause!
$30.00 Julie Brusen
Way to go Shawn!
$100.00 Christie Rademacher
Crazy gir!
$40.00 Amanda Struck
What a great tribute to a friend and what an awesome cause!
$30.00 Dave Hogan
Stay warm!
$20.10 amy v
good luck!
$50.00 Jonna Klisch
Go Shawn!
$75.00 Julie Kline
To someone who always keeps her cool!
$60.00 Tal Keshet
You got this!!!
$30.10 Joy
Great way to honor your friend.
$100.00 Pamela Brueggemeier
good luck sista
$30.10 Becky and Paul
jump in feet first like you do for everything !!
$30.00 Anonymous
$60.00 Mark Oelfke
Have fun - stay warm! :-)
$100.10 Patrick and Joy Ptacek
$20.00 Teri Hoff
BRRR fun. Good Luck!!
$20.00 Kamy Carlson
Good Luck!
$50.10 Joe
Go Shawn!!!!
$60.00 Gary Raymond
$30.00 Holly Wendler
Brave of you!
$50.00 Robyn
Go Shawn!
$20.00 Jason Chou
Go Shawn! You can do it! Brr
$30.00 Cindy M.
$30.96 Peter Daggett
$30.00 Kate Sorenson
Good luck, Shawn - you are so much braver than me :)
$30.96 Abby DeVries
$60.00 Tuyet nguyen
$30.00 Maria Frank
Go Shawn!!!
$100.00 Kurt and Renee Wagner
Think summer
$100.10 David Fong
Best of luck Shawn
$100.00 Jeff Beegle
$100.00 Christopher Sloneker
$50.00 Kha Vo
$100.00 Jodi & Jason McKeever
Good Luck Shawn!
$20.10 Rhonda B
Awesome way to honor your friend. Good luck!!!
$30.10 Manuel Perez
$30.00 Phil Harrington
$250.00 Eric & Nicki Lovins
$102.50 Ashton McGee
Crush it!!!
$70.00 Dee & Mike Schweitzer
Your Amazing!!! Dee & Mike
$85.00 Thomas Payne
$50.00 Bob and Diane
$25.00 Liz Peter
$100.10 Jeff Brown
All the best to you Shawn and this great cause.
$250.00 Bobbi Horner
Matt is a Muppet
$50.00 Angie Sherer
$40.00 Ron Mo
$5.41 Michelle Parmiter
Good luck!!!!!! You got this!!!!!
$30.00 Kara Peterson
$100.10 Christian Behnke
Criego crusher!!!
$30.00 Annie Weiss  offline donation pending
$50.00 Mandy Rose  offline donation pending
$60.00 Garrett Staaf  offline donation pending
$50.00 Nicole the pull tab slayer  offline donation pending
$61.62 Julie Wells
Nuts! I love it and Dave would too!
$100.00 Larry