Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Feb 29 - Minneapolis Plunge Delta Frozen Flyers $3,000 $4,492.68

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Sandy Deatherage’s Donations

$30.10 Cliff Durant
God Bless you Sandy ... you go girl !!
$100.00 John Deatherage
I love you, but you're crazy...
$10.52 Thurston
$20.74 Elsan Mangubat
$100.00 Steven Dungan
Good Luck
$30.00 Sal Ferraro
Sandy, Go girl!
$20.00 Yvette Myers with Pike Engineering
Good Luck...
$20.00 Cole Thompson with Pike Engineering
Good Luck
$30.96 JPayne
Push John in first
$20.00 Emily Davis, Pike Engineering
This is awesome!
$50.00 Anonymous
$75.00 Sebastian Alvarez
Awesome Sandy !
$15.63 Anna Zosik-Swihart
Good Luck Sandy!
$30.10 Heather Johnson
I about cried in ORD this week when I saw a snowflake
$20.10 MJ
You can do my friend
$100.00 Anonymous
$30.00 Sam Kunkel
Love the cold
$75.00 SL Kelton
$30.00 Anonymous
Don’t give up
$30.00 Christine Sharpe
Great cause!
$30.00 Nick DiVinitz
$20.00 Harris Woodward
Have you ever seen Titanic?!?!?!
$30.00 Nelva Bryant
Can't wait to hear about the experience!
$25.00 EZ
Best of luck! Brrrrr
$20.74 Johnny ortega
Go Sandy!!!!
$30.00 John Williams
Good luck
$20.74 Rich Motown Lester
Rock on Rockstar
$125.00 Stefanie
200o new goal
$61.62 Emily
$61.62 George Musungu
I'm proud to support such a worthy cause through you!
$60.00 Michael Phillips
Good luck! Burrrrr
$30.96 Monica Daniel
I will have sweaters and hot chocolate waiting for you here in ATL :-)
$30.10 Cam Black
What do polar bears eat for lunch? Iceburgers! Happy to help you reach your goal and support these special kids!
$30.00 Stephanie Borden
Go Sandy
$60.00 Andy Kirschner
Good Luck Sandy!!! Great cause.
$20.10 Anonymous
We’re cheering for you! :)
$30.00 Maria
You got this!
$250.00 Ruth Chou
Will enjoy watching your plunge from sunny CA
$25.00 Rich said burrrrrrrrrr!!! lol
$60.10 Bob Pordes
$100.00 Eric Wilson
Have a nICE time!
$100.00 Mark and Luke Zeller
Sandy, just don't hesitate on the way in, just keep moving!
$30.00 Twanna Corbin
You go Sandy
$30.00 Dave Rossi
Good Luck Sandy !!
$61.62 Ric Wolfe
Good luck!!! ?
$30.96 Leon Dreier
$30.00 Louie V. Dioso
My Pleasure
$40.10 Toni Swanigan
$50.00 Terry Layson
Great cause...good luck!
$51.40 LAX Cargo Sue
You are very brave!!!!!
$40.00 Joshua Krafnick
you crazy. keep the parka dry
$40.00 Veronica
$50.10 TONY
$60.00 Rod Rooker
Stay warm Sandy, good luck!
$100.10 MOM
$50.00 Kelli Fracassi
$30.10 John Miller
$250.00 Shawn Cole
Stay Warm Sandy! What a great cause.
$20.10 Anonymous
$30.00 Kristen Stancil
Good luck, Sandy! Thanks for bringing awareness to a great cause!
$150.10 Anonymous
$60.10 Devon & Alaina Ronning
Great cause, good luck and enjoy!
$30.00 Gerry
Take photos
$30.10 Dorian Liriano
Show 'em how tough we are in Delta Cargo!
$0.15 Anonymous
$30.00 Iraima
$60.00 Barb Crider
You Go, Sandy!!
$30.00 Chris Talbert
I will be there to cheer you on!
$40.00 Nico K
$60.00 Skelton
Belly flop photo framed
$30.00 Niecy Tolden
$60.00 Clarice Balzer
You Go Sandy!!
$50.10 Wendy G.
Your my hero! So brave!
$30.00 Jacque Reid
Smile and jump in
$50.00 Mark Strickland
Enjoy the plunge!!
$30.00 Nick DiVinitz
$60.00 Don Rainey
$45.00 Roberto Rother
Good Luck Sandy!
$103.52 Anonymous
go girl!!
$50.00 Kelli Fracassi
I want to see that bellyflop! ?
$100.00 Gabrielle Green