Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Feb 28 - Minneapolis Corporate Hour Boston Scientific - Fri Feb 28 Corp Hour $5,000 $8,021.68

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Meg Grow’s Donations

$50.00 Meg Grow
Kicking things off!
$50.00 Michael Hallett
Good Luck Meg!
$30.96 Saarika W
Good luck!
$40.10 Steve D
Have fun Meg!
$20.10 Jess Blackledge
You are Amazing!
$10.00 Kelli Gorgus
$30.00 Derek
Good Luck
$5.00 Train#80
Rock on!
$25.10 Heidi Q
$100.10 Scott O.
Go Meg!
$50.00 Tumay
Good Luck Meg!
$100.10 Anonymous
Way to go, Meg!
$20.00 Tracy
$100.10 Stephanie P
Love this event!
$30.00 Vikki Glodek
Go, Meg, Go!
$100.00 Wyatt Stahl
Celebrate the cold while you are doing something great!
$102.50 cheryl eichenauer
Think warm thoughts.........
$25.00 Lynn
$50.10 Margaret M.
Go Meg! (Insert teeth chattering here)
$10.00 Lynnie C
$51.40 Jess
Go, Meg, go!!! ?
$30.96 KC
You’re a nut! The Polar Plunge sounds like torture to me?
$50.00 BSC Match - Meg  offline donation
$51.40 Laura Tuhkanen
Awesome Meg!!!!!
$5.00 Sebald Family
Have fun!!
$54.84 A handsome lobster
It’s actually not that cold
$30.00 Anonymous
Go Meg,
$10.10 Marcee
Go, MEG!!!
$30.96 Jennifer Sims
Go for it Meg!
$30.96 The Piersons
stay warm...
$30.10 Fern, Bear, & fam!
You’re crazy and we love it
$10.72 The Wrights
$50.10 Kavi and family
Burrrr, good luck!
$25.10 Fiedler Family
Have a wonderful jump! Vonnie, Luke & Marcus
$30.00 Ingrid Matte
$30.96 Kari
$30.00 BSC Match - KC  offline donation
$50.00 BSC Match - Tumay  offline donation
$25.10 BSC Match - Heidi Q  offline donation
$30.00 Diane W.
$100.00 John Gilliver
$30.00 Sue Zulk
Go Meg!
$30.10 Barbara Van Hauer
Yay, Meg!!
$20.00 Anonymous  offline donation pending
$50.00 Jason Marsh
Good Luck!
$100.10 Kristen
Thanks for taking the Plunge Meg!!!
$100.00 BSC Match - Scott  offline donation
$30.10 Nicole P.
Glad it's you plunging and not me! Brrrr.
$100.00 Anonymous
$108.10 Anonymous
Own the plunge Meg!
$20.74 Aleela Baune
Go Meg-!!
$20.00 Leykn
$30.10 Carol W
$43.31 Jim Ingalls
Good luck Meg!
$50.10 Cheryl Schwanke
$25.25 Vanessa McGuire
Go Meg go!
$30.96 Anonymous
$10.00 Angie Anderson
Go You!
$10.00 Amy Schwanz
Good luck, Meg!
$1,500.10 Anonymous
way to go Meg!!!
$100.00 Joe Ahiers
Good Luck!
$20.00 Lynn Zurn-YOU ROCK!!
$30.00 Jill L
Go Meg!
$30.00 Bharat Jain
$100.10 Steve P
Thanks Meg ! I love Winter too, but ...
$250.10 Anonymous
$100.00 Nathan Meredith
Cannon ball! Go, Meg!
$100.00 Steve Yates
$100.00 Becky Knutson
Go get it, Meg! So happy to be supporting you and the Special Olympics!
$60.00 Leslie
Way to go Meg!
$10.10 Ronna Gerber
Way to go, Meg!!
$40.10 The Archies
$30.10 Derek
$100.00 Camille Chang Gilmore
Go Meg! Proud of You!
$250.10 Joe F
Stay Warm Meg!
$200.10 Suzanne Carpenter
I love your passion....its contagious!
$100.00 Stephanie Wallace
Go jump in a lake, Megamind!
$100.00 Kelly D
$30.10 Kendra Davis
$30.00 Talar
Good luck Meg!
$51.40 Megumi
$30.96 Becky K. Rubio
You'd better where your long johns chopper!
$30.10 Jenna
Go Meg! Stay warm :)
$60.00 Sean Sciara
Good luck Meg!
$50.00 Anonymous
Cash Donations
$100.10 Brad Horst
Go Meg Go
$25.00 Anonymous
Way to freeze for a cuase.
$25.10 Trevor
Go Meg!
$100.00 Olaf Hedrich
$20.00 Sheryl Throop
Good Luck!!
$100.00 Carol Huss
You go, Meg!
$102.50 Ali
Go Meg!
$51.40 Joe Friedrich
$60.00 Nancy Lyons
You're nuts! But also cool.
$20.10 Ackman family
wow-ness! :)
$30.96 W Nelson
Love, William
$30.00 Emily Nelson
$0.61 Archana Devkar
$10.00 Jessica Crawford
Good luck, Meg!
$25.10 Eleda Hagstrum
Thanks for taking one for the team, Meg!
$20.00 Suzanne BG
Better you than me!
$20.00 Melissa McPartland
good luck!
$60.00 Nicholas Ciapetta
$30.10 Toots V
You're an inspiration, Meg!
$50.00 Lauren Walsh
$30.10 Phill N.
Take the plunge!
$1,000.10 Mike mahoney
Go team BSC!!! What a great cause and have fun
$1.33 Kenneth Stein
$80.10 Chuck Donahue
You Go Girl!!
$30.00 Shani Bird
Go Meg!