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$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

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Mar 3 - Minneapolis Corporate Hour JNBA Financial Advisors $5,000 $6,012.17

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Larry Becker’s Donations

$250.00 Matt A
$60.00 Stephen Galletto
$61.62 Reed
$20.10 Rebecca Paradiso de Sayu
Thank so much for your commitment, Larry! I look forward to hearing how it goes!
$50.10 Ron R Shelby
Thanks for doing this Larry!
$60.00 Jamie Wolbeck
Good luck! I'm hoping for a warm day for you.
$100.00 Jackie Woller
Good Luck!!
$30.00 Lee Herman
$30.10 Matthew Warren
$36.00 Anonymous
$100.00 Anonymous
$50.00 Joe Krouse
Still crazy after all these years ;)
$36.00 Anonymous
$35.72 Anonymous
$250.10 TaTonka Real Estate Advisors
Thanks for your efforts! We hope its 50 that day!
$100.00 Robert Eccles
What a great streak! Happy plunging!
$75.00 TEEGEE
I still need to see pictures.
$61.62 chris tam
$100.00 Laura & Cory
13 years?! Way to go!
$60.00 Beth Negronida
Go Larry!
$100.00 Bonzi Wells
$30.10 Kristen Schmidt
$60.00 Rohan M
$50.10 Alex P
$60.10 Joanna and Marty Jorgensen
Go for it, Larry!! Thanks so much!
$30.00 Corey Smith
$25.00 Nitya Malik
Lucky number 13th year indeed! Thanks for raising funds for this meaningful cause.
$30.00 Lesley
Wow! Hope lucky 13 is a great experience!
$150.10 John Valleau
$100.00 Oneida Realty Company
$60.00 David C
If the Cats make the Tourney, you'll need to spend double the time in the water. - Coach Collins
$30.10 Marna Petersen
You are amazing, Larry! Courage! (And stay safe.)
$250.00 Larry and Cindy Shanker
$60.00 Eddie and Dale Tadelman
Go Larry Go!
$250.00 Michele & Joe Becker
Will Omie be holding your warm towel?
$250.00 Judy & Buzz Sandler
$30.96 Eddie Mauriello
$30.00 Dianne and David Lipki
Have a blast!
$100.00 Brad and Karol
Can't believe you do this every year!! Congratulations!
$25.10 Frank & Sue Spica
$50.10 Shalaka Tamhane
$100.00 Anonymous
You're nuts
$102.50 Anonymous
$50.00 Mark Hechtl
Have fun!
$75.10 Sharon Buccafusco
Am in awe of your commitment to this worthwhile cause, Larry! There are truly angels among us!!!
$20.10 Carin and Dave Viertel
Way to go, Larry!
$100.00 John Cleveland
$100.10 Paisley park
$51.40 Anonymous
$255.80 Andrew C Fedorchak
Good luck, Larry! Love what you're doing here!
$51.40 Chad Peterson
$51.40 Anonymous
$100.10 Garth Robertson
Nice work once again!
$20.17 Joe R.
$60.10 Doug Hoefer
$18.35 Hanzi R
$100.00 Anonymous
$30.00 Corinne and Mo
$50.00 Andrea Chang
I'll be cheering you on from sunny L.A.! :D
$60.10 Mike Gondek
Good luck Larry!
$300.00 Roy Krengel
$51.40 Kevin & Tara
$54.00 Kira Zumergrad-Pahl
$50.10 Kate Jaster
$30.10 Alan and Abby
$50.10 Karwyn Meyer
Have fun!
$100.00 Anonymous
Have fun Larry! Erin
$100.00 Brent Morris
$30.00 Tom Pappas
$60.10 Mike Riley
Way to go Larry!
$50.10 "Uncle Abe's Nephews"
$310.01 JNBA Financial Advisors
JNBA matching during March 2-3
$30.00 Rob Lunkhart
Late again! Hope you and your family are well.
$61.62 Charles Schwab  matching gift