Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Feb 29 - Minneapolis Plunge Southdale YMCA Y's Crackers $1,000 $1,652.32

Total: $0

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$3.57 Rachel Reeves
$5.01 Ashley Swedean
$60.00 Pat Conley
$30.00 Mom
$50.00 Alisa
$30.00 Aidan McGuinn
$100.00 Michelle Damon
Make a big splash!!
$30.00 Emily Clare & Rob Couillard
$30.00 susan kalin
$20.00 Sarah Dickhausen
Good Luck John!
$30.00 Donald Trump
$20.74 Bonnie Blankholm
$20.00 Michelle Obama
$25.00 Chase
$50.00 Jim Secord
Good for you, John!
$30.10 Sheila Piippo
$30.00 Caroline Hale-Coldwell
$20.00 Meg Hillan
Have fun!
$10.00 Michael
Blow it up!
$60.10 Marianne Feely
$20.10 Tim Heaney
$100.10 Anonymous
$50.00 Joe Meyer
$25.00 Carol Lee
Good luck. Make sure you have a warm blanket to wrap up in!
$100.00 Josie and Jordan Hargarten
from the J and J show thank you for supporting us and all he other people on our team and our school sports.
$51.00 Diaa
$30.00 Anonymous
Good luck!
$30.00 Jocelyn Liska
$30.10 Brigitte Malone
$30.96 Toby's buddies
$30.10 Anonymous
$20.74 RV Krishnan
$25.00 Roxy Kline
$30.20 Tom Arms
$30.10 Heidi
Thanks for taking part in this John and for allowing me to take part by supporting you.
$9.10 Anonymous
$30.10 Amy Pampusch Olson
$50.00 Darryl & Jo
Have fun!!
$25.00 Jeffrey Drew
$50.00 Dick and Cindy A.
Try not to get wet...
$30.00 Mike Trudell
$100.00 John S.
Do a cannon ball like you said you would!
$60.10 John Lyon
$10.00 Kim
$30.10 Sig & Barbara Larsen
Get warm fast! Thank You for Your Contribution!