Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Jan 25 - White Bear Lake Plunge Nutrition Cave $3,000 $6,245.22

Total: $0

Clear Amounts

Jay Pernu’s Donations

$100.10 Gordy Peterson
$30.00 Pat Edlund
$50.10 Dale Young
Keep it up Jay!!
$30.00 Paula Chisholm
Keep on flyin got this <3
$30.00 John D (from work)
$100.00 Chilson's
$102.50 Family Achievement Center
$100.00 Del
Jay - you make us all proud!! Thanks for doing this...
$200.00 Thor
Stay strong my friend
$100.10 Scott Johnson
You said it perferctly.! Jayson will be smirking come jump day.
$250.10 Donna and Steve
with Gratitude Jay, Vickie and Jenna
$30.00 Theresa O'Brien
Thanks for participating this year!
$30.00 Steve D
Glad to see you suiting up again this year!
$30.10 Kurt Soeldner
$50.10 Bradley D. Viessman
$51.40 Anonymous
$30.00 Oli Griffin
Very brave... fair play to you Batman
$100.00 Glenn & Lori
$60.10 Don and Sandy
You are doing a wonderful thing for these kids.
$200.00 Bart Bontems
$100.10 Jorge
Jay, you are a hero. Thank You!
$50.10 Foltz
$61.52 JG
Your Nutz
$50.10 Wayne & Lori Goiffon
Good Luck Batman !!!
$50.00 Mike Conway
$30.10 Sandy & Jim Olds
$50.10 Bryan
$100.00 Kari & Jamie Schroetter
Good luck & thanks!
$30.00 Scott and Shari Zahnow
Proud to know you Jay!
$30.10 Carlos G
Gotham is fortunate to have you.
$250.10 Larry Nelson
Thanks for supporting and jumping for Special Olympians!
$30.00 Anonymous
God bless you Jay
$200.00 Cousin Paul
$20.00 Patti Olson
Good Luck Jay, Patti Olson
$100.10 Dave Petrik
Go Queens, Detroit Dave...
$30.00 William Toppson
I hope its a warm day!
$100.00 Tom Varichak
Water must be warmer in the Cities : )
$200.00 State Farm matching gift  matching gift
$1,000.00 John & Rosie Thompson  offline donation
$30.00 Sunshine
Way to go Batman!! <3
$20.00 Troy, Lori, and Harrison
$30.96 Jan Hinchman
Holy Icicles!
$50.10 Jean & Tony V
$30.00 Dennis and Pat G.
Goof Luck, Jay!
$20.00 Anonymous
Go Batman!
$40.00 Joel and Eileen Sandstrom
Good luck Batman!
$20.00 Mark Tarnowski
You plunge, you bowl, you do it all!
$50.00 Juli Mueller
$40.10 Anonymous
$25.00 Pat Junker
Stay warm! Ha!
$100.00 Octoplad
Thanks for helping the Special Olympics Jen & Jay, God bless you and your family. Octo !!
$50.00 Tom/Lisa Edison
I hope you don't sink!
$30.00 Craig k
$30.10 Pelletiers
$30.10 Tammy Sachse
$30.00 Pat & Cathy Schoen
Thanks for Supporting Special Olympics!
$61.62 Kim Creager
Fly Batman!
$100.00 Nelrae and Dave Succio
Sending warm love and hugs for a successful jump!!
$60.10 Steve & Aimee
$25.10 Brian and Pam
$30.10 Don Haenke
Stay Warm
$20.00 J-Dub
Thanks for all you do!
$50.10 John Myers
$30.10 Anonymous
$50.00 Mark, Barb, Elysa, and Alex Putz
$100.00 Twin Point Tavern
Best of luck Batman, make us proud!
$30.10 The Solseths
Good luck! From Micah, Robin, William and Kona
$25.00 Dana and Chris Nelson
Have fun and enjoy the day :)
$30.00 DelRae & Nina
Good cause but your nuts ?
$30.00 Don Campbell
$30.96 Jim & Laura
$30.00 Sandy and Tom Jones
Holy smoke Batman
$102.50 Family Achievement Center
$25.00 Keth Talledge
Go jump in a lake
$50.00 Bernie Biebighauser
Great job Jay !!!
$75.10 Heather Noyes
Stay Warm!
$20.00 Dean Norberg
$30.00 Sally Goroni
$30.10 Jim & Jill Varichak
Wish we could b there!
$30.00 Tim and sue
Thank you!
$50.00 Dr. Ted Johnson
You can do this!
$30.96 Lana Tolzman
$60.00 Francesco Nicoletta ?? Riccardo Sofia
$25.00 Nancy & Bones
Thinking of ALL of you!
$75.00 Innovative Surfaces (H Noyes match)
Love this organization! Thanks for jumping in.
$30.00 Uncle Nick & Auntie Yvonne
$25.00 Karen Hazard
Good luck! This is a beautiful thing you and your family is doing.