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Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Mar 2 - Minneapolis Plunge Delta Frozen Flyers $10,000 $4,925.08
Mar 1 - Minneapolis Corporate Hour Delta Frozen Flyers $1,500 $61.75

Total: $0

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Eric Johnson’s Donations

$30.00 Jeff Hollar
I just need to see some pre & post plunge photos please.
$500.10 Anonymous
$100.10 Glynda
With admiration, love and support - keep up the great work Eric!
$200.00 Anonymous
$100.10 Dick and Barbara Schukraft
$60.00 Mary Steele
Stay warm!
$100.10 Darin Coble
Fun times!
$25.00 Dan Greensweig
$150.00 Jennie Ho
$100.10 Angela Schatz
Good luck! We will be out of town, but wish you well and warmth!!!
$100.00 Jim & Mikki Kriksciun
Belly flops are the best! :-)
$100.00 Dan and Barb Conner
Stay safe!
$30.00 Jon Austin
Goog luck! You and the rest of the plungers are crazy but for a good cause!
$50.00 Gary Gunnell
$50.10 Beverly Hill
What an amazing thing you and your Frozen Flyers do each year! Have fun!
$60.10 Nicole Warner
$50.10 Laurie Spinner
$50.10 Bob Burrell
$100.10 Michael Rennick
$100.00 Larry Wexler
$100.00 Mohammad Sarsour
$30.96 Josh Maxwell
Stay frosty!!!
$50.00 Vashti Canty
Congratulations on another amazing year!
$60.10 Mike Kochel
$60.00 Jim and Barb Merten
$50.00 Jeff & Elaine Kannas
$50.10 Ryan B.
Hot Toddy's for everyone!
$30.00 Lexie Bolic
$30.10 Steve DeBono
Happy New Year!
$25.00 Donald Delp
Keep plunging, my friend! Keep plunging!
$30.10 Danielle Bourne
$60.10 Angel R
$0.76 Kevin Miller
$150.00 Erik and Austin Snell  offline donation
$100.00 Brent Albright
Keep it up my friend.
$102.50 Kay Allison
Im so glad to support you in this great event!
$100.00 Lindsey Jalil
I'll be there in spirit!
$100.00 Kenan Smith
You're a rockstar, EJ!!!
$50.10 Len Hoffmann
See ya there
$60.00 Akeem H
Good luck to the team!
$100.00 Wes Borre
$200.10 David Watson
$100.10 Sal G
$30.10 Stephanie Van Horn
Stay Warm. Can't wait to see pictures from the event
$30.00 Anonymous
$30.10 Jill Harris
Thank you for all you do, Eric!
$100.00 Kelly Holmes
Stay at it Eric - it matters
$250.00 Stephanie Asbury
$30.00 Tony Chang
Brave the cold for a cause that warm the heart Eric
$20.10 Lori Elliott
Such fun!! Bravo to you! Can't wait for this year's pictures.
$30.00 Anonymous
Have Fun!
$30.96 Debbie Dudek
Your commitment to the Special Olympics is inspiring. Have fun plunging!
$60.00 Paul Brown
$1.00 Phil Smith - LAX Chief Pilot Office
$30.10 Serge
$100.10 Tim & Beth Kehoe
Best of luck see you in 2025
$50.00 Leslee Leaf
$35.00 Meghan Fleury
$100.10 Annika McKinney
GO Eric GO!
$51.40 Jim N
Plunge Pro!
$250.10 John Hunter
All: I will take the plunge in SDQsince I cant be there in person, wishing everyone pure Joy for your cool efforts.
$15.00 Vashti Canty
$0.75 Kevin Miller
$30.00 Tony Chang
Chill for the charity, plunge with pride !
$1.00 Phil Smith - LAX Chief Pilot Office
$15.00 Meghan Fleury