Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Feb 29 - Minneapolis Plunge Delta Frozen Flyers $5,000 $6,505.93

Total: $0

Clear Amounts

Eric Johnson’s Donations

$60.00 April Nuttall
Good luck Eric! Thanks for doing this!!
$100.00 Kazumi
Eric-san Gambattte!
$30.10 Kieran Walsh
$100.10 Kate Millard
$60.00 Anonymous
$50.00 John Early
$250.00 Ed
$20.00 Vernelle HNLACS
Go Eric Go! #DeltaProud
$60.10 mariko
$60.00 Kenenth Cheng
Eric - Thanks for participating the event. My pleasure to support
$100.10 Jennie Ho
$50.00 CLIFF
$20.10 Antoinette Perkins
$30.00 Kelley E
Best of luck!
$30.00 Anonymous
$30.00 Sandra B
Always happy to support this great cause! :)
$100.10 Brent Albright
$30.00 Russ Delaney
$25.00 Dan Greensweig
Enjoy (or whatever the correct term is)!
$100.10 Edna Tvedt
$30.00 Steve DeBono
$60.00 steve modderman
good luck and stay warm
$30.96 Anonymous
$61.62 Anonymous
Eric, thanks for the good works. Stay warm!
$30.00 Ed Dolphin
good luck !
$10.00 Sharlee Roe
Love that you do this!!! Stay warm!
$30.10 Bob Burrell
NOAA is predicting that Leap Year day will be the coldest for 2020. Stay warm and wish you success on your fundraising
$60.10 Beverly Hill
Honored to support you in this cause!
$20.10 Anonymous
$100.10 Bruce Ketola
TY for all you do for this ministry.
$60.10 Perry Sloan
$50.10 Mary D.
Happy to support this great endeavor Thank you, Eric!
$20.00 Kim
$100.00 Anonymous
$51.40 LAX CGO Sue
You guys are crazy!!!! Stay warm!
$100.00 Salvatore Giaimo
$60.00 Peter Murguia
$60.00 Brian Perez
$100.00 David G
Eric, thank you for "Taking The Plunge" for this worthy cause... God Bless
$100.10 Anonymous
$100.00 Balkarran Khublall
Thank you for representing in my absence.
$100.10 David Goeman
Enjoy the dip.
$30.10 Pete Minca
Amazing this is your tenth year!! And you keep going back for more
$25.00 Lonnie Gillespie
Good Luck Eric!
$25.00 Kathy Graves Lee
Best of luck, Eric! I support your efforts and.....I love Carl Anderson!
$100.00 Danny Villacres
Sorry couldnt join you in this great cause! thanks for representing Team JFK as well!
$100.10 Matt Klein
I hope to join you next year!
$255.80 Glynda Pace
I’ll be cheering you all on from afar.... Love to all! Stay warm :)
$30.00 Anonymous
Good luck!
$35.05 Greta Boggan
Thanks for the info this week Eric! Wish I could join you but hope this helps! Best, Greta
$60.00 Manny Estoque
$100.10 Joe Coelho
$100.00 Sarah Allen
$100.00 Bill Wernecke
$30.00 Mayumi
$50.00 Jim N
Brrrr-aving the cold - way to go!
$50.10 Dave Lorsbach
Eric I jump through the ice in Internatiol falls in Feb several times. I also had a nice warm sauna to go back to.
$100.00 Joe Lorenz
$102.50 Courtney Ebert
Eric - Thank you for being a wonderful champion for volunteerism in general.
$100.00 Jennifer Sayre
A great event - thanks for doing this for a good cause!
$75.00 Sheron Thompson
Eric, your commitment to this cause is commendable.
$100.10 Travis Umrao
$30.00 Timothy Stout
Good luck my friend!
$25.00 Jon Austin
$30.96 Paula Bernard
Good luck, Eric!
$60.10 Royal
$30.10 Anonymous
$50.10 Vashti Canty
$30.00 Todd Dageford
$30.10 NIna Van De Steeg
Go you! Thank you for all you do!!
$60.00 Erica Allen
Anything for SO!!
$100.00 Todd Anderson
Good luck Eric. Stay warm :)
$50.10 Darin Coble (Versa Business Partners)
$30.00 Gary McLean
$100.10 Kay Allison
Thank you for your efforts to raise money for this great cause!
$30.00 Heather
$75.00 O. Bright
$0.15 Anonymous
$30.10 Anonymous
$100.00 Jim Kriksciun
Still crazy 10 years later! ?
$25.00 Laurie Spinner
Such a great cause, Eric!
$100.10 Brian Sullivan
Can't make it this year but will be thinking of you all!
$102.50 J. Sarvis
Very proud of you and the cause.
$25.00 Grant Walker, Jr.
Great cause, great guy!!!
$100.00 Kelly Holmes
You got me- at least for the $$$
$100.00 Todd Christensen
Best of luck. Keep up the good fight!
$25.00 Shaheen Indawala
Wish I could be as awesome as you! Good Luck with the Event!
$25.00 Anonymous
$100.00 Greg Tahvonen
Thanks for your commitment to such a great organization!
$50.00 Catherine Roberts
Happy plunging!
$50.00 Anonymous
$50.00 Danny P.
$25.00 Anonymous
$100.00 Tom Twiss
$100.00 Jim Davis
You Jump, I pay!
$30.10 Johnny H
Getter Done Eric - Great Cause
$30.01 Amber Christenson
Great work!
$50.00 Tom Christopher
$20.00 Dan and Min
Thanks for all you do!
$50.00 Len
Oh what a running through your veins. YOU ROCK!!
$20.00 Anonymous
$20.10 Jessie Quigley
Eric, I salute you for leading this worthy cause.
$30.96 Colleen Diffely-Sullivan
You are a hero for Special Olympics, Eric! Thank you!!!
$35.92 David Doucette
$30.10 Pam & Gary S
It will be interesting to see how some time in frigid water affects your bowling game. Scotch Doubles here we come:) Thanks for plunging Eric! We'll be sending "warm" wishes your way:) P&G
$30.00 Enid Dennis
keep doing your part to make our world a little better
$50.00 John M. Ross
Wanna see pictures, Bubba!