Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

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Feb 28 - Minneapolis Corporate Hour Affinity Plus Friday Plungers $10,000 $16,728.45

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Dave Larson’s Donations

$250.00 Mark Sievewright
Best of luck taking the plunge, Dave! Great cause!
$250.00 Jeff Disterhoft
Thanks for reaching out on this, Dave - love the cause!
$300.10 Troyak Family
Keep up the great work Lars!
$150.10 Julie
Love your energy toward this event, and even more so, toward this great organization!
$250.10 Bryon and Paula Reinhart
$250.00 Joe & Mary Pat Abraham
$500.10 Mark and Debbie Steen
Good luck Lars, keep up the fight!
$200.10 Brad Canfield
$100.00 Peter and LeAnne Troolin
Enjoy your plunge!!
$100.00 Sherri Corcoran
Make a Splash Lars!!
$200.10 Hatlestad Family
Happy to help the cause
$100.00 Deb Bednarz
Good luck, Dave!
$1,000.10 Dawn Shivers
$250.10 Kevin and Laura Carlson
Enjoy the plunge. Great cause!
$100.00 Bill Bushlack
Have fun!!
$50.00 Dan Jesse
Good luck!
$51.40 Dean Johnson
$100.00 Ken heimbach
$250.00 Mark & Chris Cummins
Skol Dave! Embrace the cold!
$51.40 Anna and Greg Boeder
WOW! Quite the milestone to hit $100k for Special Olympics! Thank you for freezing your butt off for this great cause again!
$100.10 The Lichty Family
$150.00 Corey Rupp
Awesome to see your committment here Dave!
$100.10 Ideal Credit Union-Brian Sherrick
Dave, another Shock and Thaw!! Nice Work my friend.
$100.10 Jess Volkmann
$200.00 Mark Cochran
$100.10 Jenny Neubeck
$250.00 John and Katie Feste
Nicely done Lars!
$100.10 Michelle Giesen
Great Cause and good luck!
$102.50 Doucet Family
Good luck Lars!!
$200.10 Sue Dillehay
Good luck, Lars
$250.00 Mary and Jim Hansen
So Inspiring Dave! A mission so dear to our family! Thank you!
$100.10 Josh and Kate Austad
Thanks for your enthusiasm and commitment, Dave!
$200.00 Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union
$100.10 Natalie Okonek
$100.10 Geyens
$150.10 Teri Laufers
Thanks for your commitment to the SO athletes once again, Dave!
$250.10 Jonathan Burns
How many plunge years in a row now??!! Happy to sponsor such a great cause ... Best wishes!
$100.10 Kelly Flaherty & Joey Gilbert
What an impact you've made toward Special Olympics!
$100.00 Nate Schultz
Awesome work Dave! Thank you!
$100.00 Frank Weidner
Hoping for a warm February day for you!
$50.10 Anonymous
$100.00 Robyn M Cousin
$500.10 State National Companies
From all your friends at SNC, good luck!
$200.00 Colleen Larson
Have a good day and a quick plunge!!!
$100.10 Mike and Billie Packer
Thank you for jumping Dave!
$250.10 Urick Family
$100.10 Amber Shanley
Love seeing you do this each year!!!
$500.10 Scott Patterson (CU Student Choice)
Awesome Dave!! Proud to support you and this cause.
$100.00 Sandy Duke
Brrrrr....thank you for 'freezing for a reason'
$500.00 Anonymous
So awesome you are supporting such a great cause! Keep it going!
$100.00 David Adams
Great cause. Great CEO. Great CU
$100.10 Connie Roehrich
$100.00 KAren foreman
Thank you for doing this!
$250.00 Gateway Services Group
Good Luck Dave! Gateway Services Group
$100.00 Scott Jentz
Great Cause!!
$500.00 CUNA Mutual Group
Best of luck, Dave!
$100.00 Todd Sharkey
Thanks for plunging for a great cause and being a champion for those with disabilities to reach their full potential!
$500.00 Case Financial
Way to make a difference!
$100.00 Michael Dalglish
Way to "Make an Impact"! Amazing work you're doing here.
$250.00 Fiserv
What a great cause. Thanks for including us in your fundraising efforts!
$250.10 Ron Rollins
Move the event to Hawaii and I'll join you. Happy plunging.
$100.00 Dave, Julie, Carly and Lauren Schweitzer
Way to go! Great cause!
$170.17 Roseville branch/members
From Roseville members! Enjoy!
$50.00 Mara Humphrey
$30.00 Kelly Myers
Great cause!
$100.00 Lori T
$500.00 Anonymous
$500.00 Langley FCU
$100.00 The Dvoraks
$100.00 Jim Thies
Way to go Dave!
$50.00 Nicole Gorny
$102.50 Minors
Go Lars!
$100.00 Trish Kron
Thank you for supporting a great cause, Dave!
$142.55 Roseville branch/members
From Roseville members! Enjoy!
$2,000.00 Anonymous  offline donation pending
$100.03 Greg & Teresa Rueter
$100.00 Tom Doyle  offline donation
$100.00 Felhaber Larson Foundation  offline donation
$2,000.00 TBA Insurance Group  offline donation
$25.00 Affinity Plus  offline donation
$250.10 Boria Wealth Management