Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Apr 17 - Minneapolis Plunge n/a $10,000 $7,170.30

Total: $0

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Clifford Schrader’s Donations

$50.00 Jen
$51.40 D. Pari
Here’s to you and a shining light in the world.
$25.85 Anonymous
$56.00 Joe Pearson
Nice job kid!
$10.00 Sharon Mooney
$60.10 Lisa
Thanks for doing this each year Cliff!!
$30.96 Anonymous
$100.10 Dave Schrader
Go get em son!
$30.00 Anonymous
$5.00 Jen H
Good luck!
$100.10 Eric Folsom
Good luck!
$60.00 Anonymous
$10.52 Kristi Grissom
Hope you reach your goal
$102.50 Jenny & Bobby - Darkness Radio Road Warriors
$100.00 Anonymous
I want video of you going in.
$15.10 Stacey Scott
$5.00 Kathi Smith
$60.00 Toni
Go Cliff!
$60.10 Lisa I
Supporting a brave and bold athlete ❤ Rock your best life, Clifford!
$100.10 Carmen Jennings
Here’s to reaching your goal. Cheers!
$30.10 Kmac
$30.00 Jen T
$40.10 Marianne Monaco
$51.40 Veronica Z
Crazy event; great cause!
$50.10 Denise
$30.10 Jolene
Darkness Radio fan!
$30.96 A. K. Eames
Go for it!!
$60.00 Donna Malmborg
Good luck and thank you for all you do!
$30.00 Cathi Weber
I'm donating from the video you posted on your father's page. Good luck Cliff!
$100.10 Anonymous
$5.10 Heather Coe
Good luck with getting to your total, I live in the U.K.
$5.00 Kathi Smith
Use the force
$100.00 Cherie
Thank you for your awesomeness
$30.00 Michele Kaufman - Darkness/Holzer Fan
Great job Cliff!
$20.10 Anonymous
$30.00 Jim and Jana McKeeman
$30.00 Bryan Bohall
$5.41 Jen W
Go Cliff!
$5.10 Rita
$20.00 Arnold Dixon aka Elshartino
This is Awesome! All Hail Schrader jr. !!
$30.00 Ben Reed 5178
$50.00 Wendi Rodewald
$25.85 Suze
$30.00 Anonymous
$10.00 Elizabeth Penny
$30.10 Jason Drum
Long time listener, first time donating.
$25.00 John Mccaulley
$65.00 Elizabeth Frey
Sending you light and love!
$30.96 Nick R
Good luck!!!
$10.00 TrishDaDish
Way to go Cliffy?
$50.00 Ryan
Thanks Cliff and Dave
$10.26 Anonymous
Thank you for doing this each year!
$30.00 Jess D
$30.00 Lucy Reed
Darkness Radio Fan
$30.96 Sindy Brown
Good luck!!
$30.00 Shannon Arndt
I hope you have a blast, Cliff!!!!
$20.00 Dan Valentine
Bravo from a parent of a son with Autism
$30.36 Diana
$30.00 Kris Schafer
$40.00 Trisha Born
Bless your heart Cliff! I have worked with people who have disabilities, and this is beyond amazing in many ways! ?
$60.10 Josh K
Thank you. From a Darkness radio listener
$20.74 Teri Peterson Mosby
Stay Safe Clifford!!
$102.50 Stacie Crawford
$20.00 Patty Medeiros
I hope this helps towards your goal.
$30.96 Vali
Thanks for doing this!
$50.00 Anonymous
$30.10 Pam & Chris
❄️❄️Good Luck from Darkness Radio fans in Tennessee ❄️❄️
$45.10 Anonymous
You are a hero!
$10.52 Erin Cookson
$20.10 Toby & Windi Schrader
$5.41 ThesisHimself
$30.96 Angela Rosenberg
$60.10 Cindy in Seattle
From a Darkness Radio fan
$30.96 Michelle Mark
Have fun!!
$20.74 Lisa Anderson'
Wish I could do more
$25.00 T Gardner
$15.00 T.
Good luck Cliff!
$13.00 Andrew Whitworth
Best of luck, from a loyal Darkness Radio listener!!
$25.85 Jill Schut
Thanks for ALL you do Cliff!
$30.96 Rebecca Jones
$30.96 Amanda T.
For Sharon Roberts ?
$20.74 debra a lavin
Clifford I so appreciate you and your wonderful father who always serve and help others. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree obviously.
$650.10 Jeromy Jones
For a good cause and the haunted doll
$60.00 Anonymous
$25.00 Craig &Michelle Rhodes
$1,000.00 Chris Jericho
$50.10 Mike
$30.00 MN Legend Hunters
You don't have to look far for Legends or a Hero. Stay safe brother.
$76.95 David
Thanks, Cliff, I really appreciate your efforts. You guys (the Firefighters and EMTs do so much)
$30.00 Ian F
Well done on a good cause
$25.00 Amy Collier
$5.41 Scott w
$102.50 Steve Thies
$50.00 Tom & Terri Collins
$30.10 Mike Huberty
$25.85 Anonymous
$5.00 Khrymsun Elyse
$25.00 Rebecca C
Way to go Cliff!
$25.00 Shirley Kane
$10.00 John Newby
$30.96 Melissa
$10.00 June Whelan
Good luck reaching your goal! Your doing something wonderful!
$153.60 Sindy Brown
$10.00 Anonymous
$20.74 Anonymous
$500.00 DeAnna Patterson
Thank you, Cliff!
$30.00 Anonymous
$102.50 Anonymous
$511.30 Bobette
$30.96 Deanna Hatter
$30.96 Craig Peate
$30.00 Steve and Teresa
$100.00 Cliff
Best year yet
$157.27 MOM/MEMA
Thank you for taking the plunge for the kids I so ❤ Mom
$100.10 Kathryn G Watkins
$20.00 Maureen Green
$50.10 Andrew