Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Feb 8 - Rochester Plunge Rochester Motor Cars $10,000 $14,506.80

Total: $0

Clear Amounts

Brandon Buckingham’s Donations

$102.50 Brian & Amanda Schulz
Good luck, RMC!
$150.00 Stevens Supply Company
We love Lincoln❤️
$25.10 Michael Harris
$30.10 Kunde Family
You Rock Buckles!
$100.10 Connie & Mick
I am so PROUD of you and for all your hard work for the cause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$30.10 Sara Bass
Freezin' For A Reason!!!!
$20.10 Roger Martin
Don't freeze anything off!
$25.00 Kierra Zerr
$50.00 Mike Fahning, Retired RochesterMotorCars CFO
Let’s go, RochesterMotorCars!
$50.10 Pat Wageman
$30.00 Melissa Swarts
$30.10 Joe & Karen Vincent
Have fun and thanks for doing this!
$61.62 Jacque
$20.10 Abby and Keagan
Always for the Buckingham fam!
$100.00 Joyce Dooley
$30.00 Melanie M Hoover
$50.10 SASS
$100.10 Travis & Ellen Pearson
$40.00 Jim and Tree
Best of luck
$60.10 Paul Burt and Family
$50.10 Sandra Buckingham
Beej I am proud of you for doing this so many years!!!
$30.10 Michelle Amundson and Family
$30.96 Kelly Utesch
$60.10 Ryan, Emilie & Peyton Hebel
A great man and a great cause! Thanks for all you do Buck!
$30.10 Anonymous
cold and cooler!!! watched your video...
$100.00 Daddy Cool
$20.74 RAS
$50.10 Kevin & Bethany Schmoll
$30.00 RAS
$100.10 The Carlings
$100.00 Matt - Laura Bollum
$20.00 Troy Hoffman
Thanks for doing this!
$100.00 Jess Harris with Hyland Systems
We appreciate you doing this every year!
$30.00 willie
$50.10 Hartson Family
Stay frosty Buckles!
$60.10 John Buckingham
$60.00 John Buckingham
$60.00 Corky
$50.00 Dave Kruse
Go get em Buck...
$100.00 Darrin Colaw
$5.00 El Picante
$30.00 Jennifer Galuska
Keep jumping, Buck!
$50.00 Titan says goodluck Papa Buck
$30.10 Burnett Family
$60.10 Mark
$500.00 Anonymous
Way to make a splash, Buck!
$100.10 Christopher Keelin
$50.00 Sharon and Don Schmoll
$25.00 Mark, Chris & Amanda Schmelzer
You are an amazing man Buck!
$20.02 Bobbie Marie
errrrmaaaagherrrdddd - get it buckaroo! <3 -- berbie
$20.00 Anonymous
$50.03 Mike & Dakota Howlett
Thanks for doing this!
$50.10 Jeremy Zieman
Frozen ball gazer!
$30.00 Joe Gorka
$30.00 Tom Betzen
Happy Polar Plunge Buck!!!?
$10.00 Peter Hassig
Go get em Buck!! Sorry i couldn't jump again this year but ill help the whole team out!
$25.00 Kia?
Gotta love the Buckinghams?
$10,000.00 Anonymous  offline donation
$20.00 Kelvin Andow
$40.10 Scot Johnson
Crazy ba$tard!
$60.00 Caleb Benson
$20.10 Melissa Rezentes
$30.96 Jaybird and the fam
$40.00 Brad Borowski
$10.01 Munllo
More training videos...those are my favorite :)
$25.05 Alan Fox
$50.00 Johnny Mango
Good Luck BFB!!!
$50.00 Linda Winslow
$20.00 Mark Saucke
Belly fop or cannonball?
$60.00 George and Tracy Nahorski
$51.00 Toni & Rowan
$175.01 Derek Schmidt
$150.00 TP
Great Job!
$30.00 Anonymous
$100.00 Roger Thomas
Good plunging Brandon
$51.40 Tom Schmoll