Suggested Donation

$30 - Puts a child through an 8-week Special Olympics Minnesota Young Athletes season

$60 - Provides an eye examination and a pair of glasses for two Special Olympics Minnesota athletes

$100 - Sends a Unified Pair to ALPs University, Special Olympics Minnesota's athlete leadership program

$250 - Implements a Respect Campaign into a school/business/organization

$500 - Provides funding to start a brand new Special Olympics Minnesota Delegation

Event Team Goal Donations Donate
Feb 29 - Minneapolis Plunge Delta Frozen Flyers $5,000 $6,347.86

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Ayyub Coulibaly’s Donations

$25.00 kathryn Gaynor-Sikes
Good Luck !
$100.00 Mark Kozak
You're my hero!
$20.10 Tascha S
thanks for all you do!
$100.00 Lisa Martin
Good Luck
$30.00 Oumar Niare
$30.00 Dinah Robinson
$100.00 Cassandra
While you are in the water, please take a double dipp for your donors!
$100.00 Matt Sparks
You're a champ! Thanks for your service!
$75.00 Sandra Di
$30.10 Assi van Bastelaar
#DeltaProud and I got a cup of tea for you after your plunge!
$8.00 Lisa Cantrell ( Sodexo Manager)  offline donation pending
$30.00 audrea robinson
$60.00 You dont know Me
from the person that you really dont know
$60.00 Keith Swint
Thank yo Ayyub for representing!
$30.00 Lee Shreve
Thank you for volunteering
$30.00 Don Spainhour
$60.00 Mark Bremnor
$10.00 Sam Zhang
Ayyub , My HR VP ! True Delta difference!
$10.10 Regina Dye
Great work, nothing but the Best!
$5.00 Anonymous
$80.00 Anonymous
$20.10 Yousra Ferrani
$10.00 Hassane Traore
$20.00 Jane G
$10.00 Evered Douglas
$30.00 Yolanda Banks
To my BIG-HEARTED friend. Your brave gesture will do so much for those in need—and such a worthy cause! Im so prouder you!
$50.00 André Alonso
$30.96 Olive Brown
$20.00 Louanne Slevinski
$30.00 Fatima Coulibaly
$100.00 Nina Dixon
Stay Warm, Best Wishes n Good Luck
$25.00 Keone
Good luck!
$30.00 S. Georges
I am praying you find warmth in this cold cold season!! Love Tia
$100.10 Ana Laura Call
You are a true example to everyone that has the fortune to work with you. .
$30.00 Oumou Barry
$60.00 Debra G
Hurry IN, Hurry OUT!!
$20.00 Tony Real
Thank you for all the good you do!
$100.00 Jan OConnor
$100.00 John Pitsenbarger
$30.00 Man Tran
Nationwide is on your side!!!
$100.00 Roger Salz
bon chance!
$30.10 Jeff Hurst
$30.00 Barb Bellis
$10.00 Anonymous
$25.00 Keven
Leaping large—for a worthy cause—Good going Ayyub!
$10.00 Lillian Tatum
$100.00 Lorna Carrodus
$10.00 Zyona
I hope you make your goal and I’m happy to be a part of it?
$82.00 Mildred Reese & Ivelisse Fernadez
$100.00 Judi Pee
You can do it....take the PLUNGE
$10.00 Lucille Jordan & Diana Campbell
$10.00 Diana Campbell
$5.00 B. Witta
$30.00 Tom Adam
Enjoy the swim!
$65.00 Clarence Newman
$20.00 Cynthia Mattocks
$50.00 Melody Calhoun
$30.00 Suzanne Miller Nolte
Stay warm :-))
$50.00 Portia Perlkins
$30.00 Keisha Walker
$30.00 Ambassador Audrey Gardner
What a great cause keep the good work
$350.00 Alpha Kappa Alpha Fraternity
$20.00 Matthew Settle
$30.00 Danny Evans
$30.00 Matthew Reeves
Have a Good time
$20.00 Jill Mahaffey
Great job fundraising!!
$250.00 Earl Singleton Family
We are proud of you! Veteran Strong!!!
$25.00 Anonymous
$30.00 Pamela Daniels
Go Ayyub Go!!
$200.60 Anonymous
$30.00 Lonnie Sanders
$100.00 Bob Somers
$100.00 Rachel King
Your Awesome!
$166.00 Jane Duval
Pour une cause Noble!
$20.00 Loren Harlow
$30.10 Jane Duff
Have fun with that!
$30.00 Larmel Woods
Ayyub, Good luck. I'm with you... Stay warm.
$30.00 Alec Thomas
Thanks for working for this worthy cause Ayyub!
$100.00 Claude Roussel
Bravo Ayyub we counting on you to make us proud !!
$250.00 Ed
$0.15 Anonymous
$100.00 Ethel JacksonLee, Rebecca Yosseph, Judy Gregory an
$30.00 Gareth J
Respect, well done for getting involved
$25.00 Michelle Jackson
$30.00 Robin Stone
Thank you for taking the plunge!
$30.00 Keith Butler
Great cause Ayyub!
$100.00 Shawn Cole
Enjoy the PLUNGE! Stay warm!
$10.00 Jared Johnson
$219.05 ATL Delta Sky Club and Sodexo Family ( CASH COLLEC
Here is the Big 5, 000 USD!!! We made it!!!
$38.72 Anonymous
$25.00 Jeffery R. Wheeler
Good Luck & next year I’m gonna join you
$20.74 Kimberly Boykin
$41.00 Anonymous
$30.00 Marietou Samb
$10.00 Ida Boswell
$30.10 Jules, Summer & Dana
$20.00 Carlos Highsmith
Keep Soaring!
$63.98 Anonymous
$60.00 Larry Kelly
Happy to donate, good luck!!
$100.00 Anonymous
$30.00 marsha Jase
$20.00 Sherry St.Clair
$20.10 Anonymous
$30.00 Sandra Di
$10.00 Anonymous
be careful
$25.00 Dot Gillespie
$8.66 Anonymous
$100.00 Ethel LeeJackson
$100.00 Anonymous
$300.00 Anonymous
$20.10 Anonymous
$100.00 Anonymous
$30.00 Rico Hounton
Good Luck
$100.00 Aysha Ceesay
What a hard working fellow! Great Job supporting the Special Olympics. You Rock!