Whoa! Way to go above and beyond for the cause.

Thank you for joining the Polaris Polar Plunge Team! This is a great opportunity for Polaris to support Minnesota and Iowa’s Special Olympics athletes by taking the Plunge together!

This year, we have Plungers from ALL of our Polaris sites. Help us put the word "Polar" in "Polaris" this year and make a huge difference for all of the Special Olympics athletes.

If you have any questions please send an email to PolarPlunge@polaris.com

Check out a couple of our Plunge videos from last year!



Polaris Industries Teams

3 Teams, 53 Participants

Team Event Team Members Total Donations
Polaris Osceola White Bear Lake 30 $10,444.91 Support Team   Join team
Stage 1 Pipes (Polaris Bass Creek) White Bear Lake 14 $6,700.04 Support Team   Join team
Polaris Industries Warroad 9 $7,803.38 Support Team   Join team